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Hands-On Learning: A Day at the Farm

Taking your student to a local farm is a great hands-on educational opportunity. Use this the guide below to help make your trip engaging, educational, and enjoyable.

Before your visit:

  • Read a book about farm animals with your student.
  • Talk about the different names for animals and their offspring.
  • During a meal, talk about the different foods on the table that may have come from a farm.
  • Teach your student what sounds each animal makes and have them practice.

During your visit:

  • Touch the fur or skin of the different animals on the farm. Ask your student the following questions:
    • What type of animal is this?
    • What noise does this animal make?
    • What does each animal feel like?
    • Which animals feel the same? Which animals feel different?
    • Did any animal surprise you? Why?
  • Have your child count how many of each type of animal there is on the farm.
  • Review key vocabulary words to build emerging reading skills. Examples include:
    • Barn
    • Harvest
    • Agriculture
    • Crop
    • Tractor
    • Pasture
    • Chicken coop
    • Feed
    • Farmhouse

After your visit:

  • Have your student create a map of the farm with the different animals and landmarks that you saw.
  • Work with your student to create a flip book with pictures of the different farm animals and their offspring.

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