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Hands-On Learning: Visiting Your Local Farmers Market


Bringing your student to your local farmers market is a great educational opportunity. Use this the guide below to make your trip engaging, educational, and enjoyable.


Before your visit:

  • Read about or briefly explain the purposes of a farmers market and what you will do and see during your visit.

During your visit:

  • Encourage the student to engage with the farmers market vendors by speaking to them and asking questions about their products.
  • Use the following questions for your student to ask the vendors as a guide:
    • Can you tell me about this product?
    • How much does this cost?
    • Is there a discount if I buy more than one?
    • What is a good way to cook/prepare this produce?
    • What inspired you to become a farmer or producer?
  • Give your child the opportunity to buy something themselves. Make it clear that they will have to explain what they bought and why.

After your visit:

  • Have your student review their purchases with you and explain their rationale.
  • Help your student prepare a meal using the produce that was purchased.
  • Ask them the following questions:
    • What did you like about visiting the farmer’s market?
    • How is it different that visiting the grocery store?
    • Why do you think people shop at farmer’s market’s?
    • What would you like to buy when we return?

To find your local farmers market, click here.

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